Pumpkin Poi

Introduction: Pumpkin Poi

About: Tara McManus is a circus performer, costume designer and event producer.

This is an awesome craft project for experienced poi spinners. You can do this with fire or glow poi, pictured here is the fire version!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- Small to medium sized pumpkins (big enough to fit over your poi)

- Fire or glow poi

- 2 Quick links

- 2 Large washers (or metal can lids with a whole in the center)


- Small knife and shovel

- Drill (if home made washers are needed)

- Pliers for poi hardware

Step 2: Cut Holes and a Face!

Its important to carve each section in order:

1- The first hole to cut is the largest one, it should be big enough to fit your poi head and should be cut from the top (stem side) of the pumpkin.

2- Carve out insides. Its especially important for fire poi to get rid of all the wet pulp inside so it doesn't extinguish the flame.

3- Cut chain hole: The bottom of the pumpkin gets a hole big enough to pass the chain through.

4- Carve the face UPSIDE DOWN! Meaning the small hole facing up and the large poi hole facing down.

Step 3: Assembly

1- Pass chain through chain hole in pumpkin.

2- slide large washer (or homemade washer) through chain.

3- Attach poi head to chain using a quick link.

4- Slide pumpkin down the chain until the quick link pokes out the top.

Step 4: Fuel, Light and SPIN!

Glow poi: simply turn on the lights and spin!

Fire poi: To fuel, slide the poi head out of the pumpkin and dunk in lamp oil, shake out excess fuel while holding the pumpkin up out of the way. Light the pumpkin poi and spin safely!

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    That's so cool! I love how they look up close, and they burn pretty good from far away! Thanks for sharing!