Pumpkin T Shirt

You need an orange tank top

Black felt

Cotton and a needle

With the felt, you need to cut out three triangles, two the same size for the eyes, and one for the nose, then you need to go horizontal and cut out a zigzag pattern for the mouth, when you are done you pin it to the t shirt and then you start sewing it. Once you have done that, your top is finished, and you have a pumpkin t shirt. You can wear black leggings with it and an orange tutu, it will be great for any Halloween parties you are invited to. You can even for the head wear an orange wig, or cut out a paper plate, paint it orange, hole punch two holes and add some elastic cord to tie it with and you have a flat hat.



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    3 years ago

    So cute! Do you have any more pictures of how you made it? Is your hat made out of a paper plate? Did you shape it somehow? It looks curved.