Punctured Brooch

This is my punctured brooch.

I made this brooch for a university project brief, throughout this brief I had to adhere to three requirements:

1. I had to make a brooch.

2. It had to have a stone setting.

3. It had to be made of silver (5cm x 5cm).

and this is what I made and how I made it.

Step 1:

Through out this project I had to choose from a list of 20 words, I chose the word puncture.

Following this I had to explore the word and what it could mean, I did this by creating collages and through drawings, I also explored this through testing materials such as copper and guilding metal and basically stabbing pieces of sharp metal tools through the materials to create the punctured look.

Step 2:

once I had found my desired 'punctured' look I had to choose a stone setting, I found that none of the traditional stone settings weren't exactly fitting the aesthetic of the brooch so I had to look into an alternative way to hold the stone, this is where I started with the idea of tension settings, I felt like this setting really fit the whole concept of the piece.

Step 3:

When I discovered how to properly set the stone I had to focus on the brooch back, although again I had to test traditional brooch backs but found that these didn't fit the idea of the word 'puncture' so again I focused on another alternative, so I came up with the idea to 'puncture' the metal so I used used another tension setting that makes the brooch back appear to be puncturing the metal.

Step 4:

For the finished product I decided to set the stone backwards to create the illusion of the stone 'puncturing' the metal.

This is the finished piece.

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    3 Discussions


    3 months ago

    Wonderful Piece! I think the way you came up with a design for it from the word was very imaginative and the use of the stone and the colour works really well with the silver. I'd love to see more stuff that you make.


    3 months ago

    Beautiful piece. I would love to see close up images of the punctured setting and the pin back. What tools did you use? More detail on how it was made! Thanks


    3 months ago

    The finished effect is beautiful, thanks for sharing your process :)