Upcycled Pup Couture Sweater




I took a wool sweater and felted it.
Tip: Felting wool is just washing and drying it often as you want until it shrinks to the size you need. It tightens stitches too, so works great to make purses from wool knit or crochet.
I then Cut the sleeve off the sweater and crochet the edges with a single stitch and took the black edging from the sweater and sewed into strips.Then sewed together to make it into a bow to make it fancy.

I made this sweater for my little 3 lb dog Clementine because she freezes so easily and the store bought outfits don’t cover her very much. They are always so short. This covers her neck and ears and goes all the way down to her tail, still giving her the space on her belly she needs when she goes outside. It is a one of a kind sweater and I think it turned out really cute.

I have also made a few more. One is a small gray one where I crochet a tie on it for my little boy dog. I call my "line" of doggy clothing Pup-Couture. They are runway style and I am considering making a video parody of "Project Pup-run Way" soon, hopefully I will post that by the time the fall season comes along. What do you think? Anyone want to send me video of your pup-couture designs for the video?

Enjoy and good luck everyone!! I have quite a few photographs of this because it was so cute on her and that face expression is priceless …lol. Sorry Clementine!




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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yea she is cute. 3 lbs and someone threw her away and I rescued her from the SPCA! Yea they have dogs like this you just usually have a dog hard to potty train and / or medical problems. She had both.