Puppet Chestburster Costume

I made this costume shortly after seeing the movie "Alien" for the first time.

Step 1: Acquire the t-shirt you want to use, and a Alien Chestburster Plush (available at www.thinkgeek.com)

Step 2: Cut the little guy in two right about where his body turns into more of a tail. Take out some of the stuffing, but leave some in his face area.

Step 3: Place the open end of the de-innarded onto the middle chest area of your shirt. Trace around the circumference of the body.

Step 4: Cut along the traced line.

Step 5: Sew his back end onto the hole. ._.

Step 6: Apply fake blood generously.

Step 7: Put on the shirt. Carefully put the arm you wish to puppeteer with into the sewn-on-puppet's body, make sure not to rip the stitches. Have someone else put a jacket with pockets on you, leaving whichever arm you are puppeteering with to puppeteer (or do it yourself if you're especially talented), stuff whichever jacket-arm is limp with a towel or something of the like, and stuff the towel-arm into the nearest jacket-pocket. Now you should be able to use one of your arms freely, and the other to puppeteer 'bursty, with a semi-realistic fake arm at your side. Phew. Hope that made sense.

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