Puppet Theater




The aim of this project is to give my kids a funny and instructive game: The Puppet theater. It is built entirely with wood for more resistance and the curtain with piece of cloth. It is not very expensive and it easy to build. The height is good for my eldest son (five years old). The project is available with google sketchup or you can see the pictures in the instructable. My painting is very terrible but you can certainly make better and to improve your theater you can stick decorations as i did. You can download the program "Sketchup" here: http://sketchup.google.com/ , it is free, very easy to use and it allows to enlarge the details and to visualize the theater in 3D.

Vote my intructable for the 4th Epilog Challenge please. I will make two puppet theatre for the school of my kids and so If i win i will be able to improve with beautiful decorations. thank you



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