Puppy Dog Cupcakes

Introduction: Puppy Dog Cupcakes

You will need:
mini & standard cupcake pans 
1 yellow cake mix & ingredients on box ( I usually make 12 cupcakes & use remaining to make mini cupcakes)
white icing
cake dye:  pink, small amount of black to make grey
small amount of black & red fondant for eyes, nose & tongue  You also can tint icing & pipe the eyes & nose black
star tip 21
round tip 12

Bake cupcakes according to directions on box & cool. For shaggy puppy frost cupcake with grey icing. Next using star tip pipe grey icing beginning at top of cupcake in downward motion. Cover cupcake completely. Pipe smaller around mouth.  Pipe extra for doggie ears. Add eyes, nose & tongue.

Frost cupcake with white icing. Next using round tip12 pipe hair & ears in a circular motion. Add eyes, nose & tongue. Also you can make small bows out of fondant for ears.

Frost standard cupcake & mini cupcake with white icing. Place mini cupcake on it side & place on cupcake. Using star tip pipe around cupcake.Next pipe mini cupcake to make face. U can cut mini marshmallow in half on the diagonal to make ears or make with fondant. Pipe around ears. To make muzzle, cut mini marshmallow in half & add black dot for nose. Last add eyes. Hair bows are made of fondant. 

The dog house is optional & made with the wilton stand-up house. I covered it in fondant. You can decorate it however u like.

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