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Learn how to make two ingredient puppy popsicles and grain-free dog treats, perfect for summer!

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All of the puppy treats I show you how to make are so simple and perfect for those hot summer days! Humans get to have a popsicle on a hot day, so why not your pup? :) My boxer puppy, Joker, loves all of these dog treats so much. He especially loves the peanut butter treats smooshed into a Kong (it takes longer for him to finish it from the Kong than peanut butter alone!).


Only two ingredients for each dog treat!

Kong Treat / Peanut Butter Puppy Treat:

Peanut Butter

Dog food (or broken up dog treats)

Ice Cube Tray

Peanut Butter Puppy Popsicle, Pawpsicle, Pupsicle:

Chicken Broth (reduced sodium!)

Peanut Butter

Ice Cube Tray

Apple Puppy Popsicle, Pawpsicle, Pupsicle:

Chicken Broth (reduced sodium!)

Apple Sauce

Ice Cube Tray

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Step 1: Watch Video!

Step 2: Popsicle: Mix Broth and Peanut Butter (or Apple Sauce)

No real measurements, just make sure the broth is reduced sodium.

Step 3: Pour Into Mold or Ice Cube Tray

Step 4: Freeze and Demold

Step 5: Give to Dog

Step 6: Kong Treat: Mix Peanut Butter and Dog Food/treats

You want the ratio to be more peanut butter than treats so you can easily fill the molds.

It can be made grain free by using grain free dog treats or dog food. If using treats, be sure to break up the treats into small pieces.

Step 7: Place Into Mold or Ice Cube Tray

Step 8: Freeze and Demold

Step 9: Give to Dog or Put Into Kong and Then Give to Dog

If putting the treat into a Kong, smoosh it inside the Kong so it sticks to the inside. It will take longer to eat than normal peanut butter.

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    3 years ago

    Great idea,going to try this today.It's going to be 115° today.Love it!

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    3 years ago

    Love this idea! Our husky mix is in love with ice cubes, he would go crazy for this

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