Purdue MyMail for Windows

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These are instructions to add Purdue MyMail to your Windows device.

This is for Windows 8+.

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Step 1: Open Mail Client

Click Mail icon

Step 2: Open Charm Bar

To open press Windows key and C key.

Step 3: Click "Account"

Step 4: Click Add an Account

Step 5: Click "Other Account"

Step 6: Click "Imap"

Click the connect button

Step 7: Click "Show More Detail"

Step 8: Put Your Credentials In.

Email: Enter Purdue email address

Username: Enter Purdue career account username

Password: Enter Purdue career account password

IMAP: Type "mymail.purdue.edu"

SMTP: Type "smtp.purdue.edu"

Step 9: Now You Have MyMail on Your Windows Operating System

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