Purex Crystal/Downy Unst. Smell Good

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All you need for this is some purex crystal or downy unstoppable and any type of warmer :) it will make your house smell like fresh laundry (excuse the pics, it would not let me turn them lol)

Step 1: The Purex Crystal

simple and easy and a lot cheaper on the long run...

Step 2: The Warmer....

get any type of wax/scent warmer, fill about a tablespoon of the crystals into it. turn it on (or light it up) and enjoy the smell.



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    2 years ago

    after about 30 min the crystals start to burn and it smells bad.. but for the first 30 min its great. not long lasting tho

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    Kelly PCAlexisS89

    Reply 9 months ago

    Put you about a tablespoon or a little bit more water to get a little bit liquidy and it don't burn just make sure you keep a little bit of water in there

    Kelly PC

    9 months ago

    Also cut up old candles they work great in the burners to

    Kelly PC

    9 months ago on Introduction

    If you add about a tablespoon of water with them they don't burn and it smells all day just make sure you keep a little bit of water with them