Purple Beaded Crystal Cluster Necklace for Prom 2K11




Introduction: Purple Beaded Crystal Cluster Necklace for Prom 2K11

I made this necklace to go with my dress for Prom this year. (Prom 2K11!)
Basically, I just wanted something simple that stood out using a bold color from my dress.

For the necklace, I used Purple crystals to make bead clusters, stringing them on clear mono filament thread using a basic ladder stitch.
I put white 8mm faux crystals on eye pins and then strung the clusters, putting a white-clear crystal into the middle of the cluster, finishing the link with another white faux crystal on top.
I attached jump rings to octahedral shaped crystals, then attaching them to the cluster links.
To finish off the main section of the necklace, I made bicone links out of Purple and Crystal crystals.
I attached chain to the bicone links, added a lobster clasp, and the necklace was complete!

For the earrings, I just placed a white faux crystal, a Purple crystal, and as Crystal crystal onto a headpin, looped it, and attached it to an ear wire!

I actually made these the day of Prom, so it didn't really take long to make. :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Purple crystals are called amethyst which is the crystal of protection