Purple Dye Slime!!!!

Introduction: Purple Dye Slime!!!!

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Purple is a great color and it makes the slime look's appetizing, but don't eat it! Any color slime, not so original, but purple DYE slime is AWESOME!!!!! P.S. Please vote for the purple contest plz :)!!!!!

Step 1: Gather Up All Your Materials

For this awesome slime, you will need -Borax -Water -Liquid glue, white or clear -Tsp -2 bowls -Cup -plums for coloring (the more natural, the better. Plus the borax is natural! HA)

Step 2: Borax Mix

Mix up 1 cup of water with 1/2 tsp of borax. Stir until devolved. Than, add 2 drops of food coloring of blue,green,or pink, which every you like. LOL

Step 3: Glue Solution

Now mix 1/2 cup if water with a full bottle of glue. This will give your large amount of slime. The more the glue, the more the slime! Add 5 drops of purple food coloring/u can also squish a plum to make the purple looking food coloring. But the food coloring is good too.

Step 4: Now the Slime!!

Now, take both of your solutions, and mix them up together(the glue solution in the borax solution). Gently pull up and down the glue. Eventually, the glue will absorb all the water,but there will be a little bit of water left that you can throw out. Enjoy!!! :) tihi

Step 5: FINISHED!!!!!!

No literally, it's done. You got your slime!!!!!!!!!!!

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