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Introduction: Purple Flower Hair Clip

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This simple hair clip will add that pop of purple to your hair...perfect for any party, wedding, or year round hair accessory fun!

Step 1: Materials

This is simple yet adds perfect levels of patience and skill. What you need are...

  • a hair clip
  • a purple flower
  • purple ribbon
  • glue gun
  • scissors (not shown)

Step 2: Purple Ribbon

First, cover the top of the hair clip with a purple ribbon, and secure in place with hot glue. Then, cut off any excess.

Step 3: Add Flower

Add your purple flower on top and secure in place. You might want to add enough hot glue to the sides of the petals and press down so that it stays down.

Step 4: Place in Your Hair

Now, you can wear it in your hair! I love the brightness of the purple flower, and the glitzy texture of the added line of deep color glitter. This is great for any little girl, woman in your life, or the ultimate bridesmaid!

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