Purple Haze & Foxy Lady

Introduction: Purple Haze & Foxy Lady

For my first instructable on this site, I figured I'd share with you a drink that was a hit at the last party that I went to. See, I'm a rather big absinthe enthusiast and I love to mix cocktails. My favorite thing to use is Absinthe . Everything about it is so alluring, the sent, the look, the taste. I just love it but when I ask people if they want some at a party or what ever they usually say no, because of the strong liquorish flavor. Well, I can honestly say that I don't like to drink alone or enjoy something by myself so I tried to come up with a drink that people would at least try, and try they did. It was a hit  and I've been making it for parties since. Its  really two drinks but the second one, Foxy Lady, is a watered down version of the purple haze, that's why I'm including them in one instructable. Part of this drink was inspired by the color changing martini, you should really check it out then try it out, its a great drink.

tl;dr: This is an Absinthe cocktail tribute to the great Jimmy Hendrix.

Step 1: The Ingredients

Purple Haze

I used La Torment Vert, I have not tried this with other brands, but I would be interested in seeing this recipe use something a bit more authentic.
    I've had the chance to try this with a traditional absinthe, Pernod, and while it did taste
    better(imho) It wasn't as purple, so if your into appearance I would suggest La
    Tourment Vert as the taste of the drink wasn't too different.

Vanilla Vodka
any kind will do for this I guess, but if you're curious I used Smirnoff Vanilla flavored Vodka

Red Cabbage Juice
yes, cabbage juice.

Foxy Lady 

again I would go with La torment Vert, simply because it was made with mixing in mind.

Vanilla Vodka
any kind

Red Cabbage Juice
that wonderful, colorful, purpleful ( i know its not a word but so what :P), juice.

Sprite or 7up
this is the only thing different used in the Foxy lady. For this drink you'll want something with plenty of citric acid, like these lemon lime soda's. I've tried mountain dew and thats a bit sweet for my tastes, as well as the final result isn't  as clear. Never use an energy drink. I have not found one that mixes well with this, I've tried redbull and it was absolutely undrinkable.

Step 2: Red Cabbage Juice

I don't think you can buy this in the store, anyways I've always made this myself.

first you must bring some water to boil.

Then chop up some red cabbage and place that into a large bowl.

After your cabbage is chopped and your water is boiling, pour the water into the bowl just enough to cover the cabbage and let it set for at least ten minutes.

After its set, strain out the bits of cabbage and you have your cabbage juice. It should be a very vibrant purple

Step 3: Purple Haze

This is the first of the two and it is my favorite of the two.
Into One shaker combine:


1.5 oz Cabbage Juice

1.5 oz Absinthe

1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka

Shake and strain into a reservoir glass

 It Should come out looking purple and opaque. It should be obvious by its appearance how I came up with the name Purple Haze. Its strong and tastes minty. 

Step 4: Foxy Lady

I came up with this rendition of the purple haze when a friend of mine complained that it was just a bit too much. Of course we all called him a wuss but I thought a little. I have the cabbage juice and I know that with certain drinks it will change color. Well here's how to make a Foxy Lady.

into a shaker combine:

    1.5 oz Cabbage Juice

    1.5 oz Absinthe

    1.5 oz  Vanilla Vodka

Shake well and strain into a tall glass

Into the Glass add Sprite or 7up until the glass is full

Really it seams such a simple change but in the end they are completely two different drinks. The purple haze is much stronger tasting, while the foxy lady is deceptively strong. The foxy lady should end up turning pink, depending on how carbonated the soda is it might end up between pink and purple, but the drink should also clear up. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds like maybe 2 drinks maxx and you will be floating around with Jimmy also. I will have to get some of my friends who are into absinthe try give this one a try.


    8 years ago on Step 4

    These 2 look like it could a can of Whoop A** on you with a quickness. Too bad Jimmy is not around to try them.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    absolutely, but it also varies based on the type of spirits used. Pernod, a traditional absinthe, is 138 proof where as Le Tourment Vert is only 100 proof. That being said you should always drink responsibly.