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I had a girl knock on my door and asked if i would make her a skateboard. This is where the adventure lead me!

Step 1: Checkered Pattern

I wanted to make this unique so I decided to make the center checkered pattern this was time consuming but well worth the time and effort. I started by gluing a piece of 1/2 inch pine and a piece of 1/2 inch Purple heart wood together then cut those in to 1/2 inch pieces. I then glued the pieces in to small manageable sections I tried to glue them all together at once but it flexed and bowed.

Step 2: Glue It Together

I then glued them all together with 2 strips of 1/4 inch mahogany wood on each side.

Step 3: More Glue!

I place the remaining piece of purple heart on the top and bottom of the board along with 2 pieces of pine to give it a good contrast in color i used the reaming mahogany and purple heart to give it a cool design!

Step 4: Planing

After gluing it together the wood was uneven and had glue bulging out so to the planer it goes took about 10 min of planing to get it where i wanted it i went slow and steady. if you don"t have a planer you will be sanding for some time!

Step 5: Cutting Out the Final Design

I used Auto Cad to come up with my design put it on a piece of 1/4 in ply i had laying around in case I wanted to make this again. I cut it out using a cheap jig saw.

Step 6: Sanding

I used my belt sander to get the desired shape.

Step 7: Routing

I like the edges to be rounded off so I use a 3/8 round over bit in the router table.

Step 8: Sanding

I then use the palm sander to finish it off. I started with 120 and finished it with 220.

Step 9: Add Fiberglass

I put a piece of fiber glass on the top of the deck.

Step 10: Mark Out the Trucks

I then marked out the truck location

Step 11: Drill Out Truck and Screw Holes

I then used my drill press to drill out the truck holes and wanted to do drop thru trucks so used the bigger bits to get the desired holes and finished it off with the jig saw.

Step 12: Final Fiberglass

I then put a layer of fiberglass on the bottom and sanded it down again and added a layer of epoxy.

Step 13: Wheels and Trucks

Pick out the color of wheels and trucks you desire.

Step 14: Mount the Trucks

I had to that the kingpin bolt out to mount the trucks.

Step 15: Add Grip Tape

With such a pretty deck I did not want to cover it up with a sheet of grip tape so I decided to make the checkered pattern. Was please with the finish product!

Step 16: Watch the Build on YouTube

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    12 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Is the epoxy layer important to make the fiberglass look smoother or could I simply do the first layer in the fiberglass?

    3 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    i thinks the epoxy makes it stronger and more durable but that could be all in my head?


    Reply 1 year ago

    Well for the fiberglass layer I use epoxy so I guess the second coat is just for looks


    Reply 1 year ago

    But I normally would even do a 3rd coat

    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    This longboard turned out amazing and I love that you stayed with the pattern when you added the grip tape :)

    1 reply