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It's finally here! I promised that I would make this tutorial in my other minion tutorial, and it's seemed like FOREVER since I've promised that! (Not even 24 hours yet). Anyways, I wanted to do this one last because it's my personal favorite. In Despicable Me 2, El Macho, the villain, turns all of Gru's minions evil! They're purple and crazy looking. Crazy is definitely the main factor of this charm, so enjoy it and thank you so much for getting my other minion charm featured XD

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this charm, you will need...
•Lots of Bands (two shades of purple, black, and white)
•Loom Pick or Crochet Needle

Step 2: The Arms

The purple minions have little purple arms and cute, black gloves. So, to make these arms, wrap a single black band around your hook four (4) times. Then, slide it onto double black bands. Slide those bands onto double purple bands. Finally, slide all those bands onto double purple bands. I'm using solid purple colored bands for the body, but I'm also going to use a jelly purple for the hair. Don't get them confused! Repeat this process to make another arm.

Step 3: The Holding Bands

A holding band is the band that holds your minion together. Choose a stretchy, sturdy band for this part. If it breaks, your minion's life will be at stake. I don't want to over exaggerate, but it's terrible if it breaks. If you are completely confident in your band's strength, use a single band. If not, use double.

Step 4: The Hair

The purple minions are all different, but all of them have crazy hair! Use as many or as little bands as you want for this part. More bands will make thicker hair, and a less bands will make thinner hair. I'm going to use six (6) purple jelly bands for my hair. Place the bands on a peg as shown in the first picture. Then place double bands of the same color and bring the hair bands over it onto the top of it, also shown. Repeat this process until your minion has the amount of hair shown.

Step 5: Start the Head

You will be using double bands this whole process. Use double purple bands and place them in the middle and on both sides, as shown above.

Step 6: The Goggle

Minions of all colors have to have goggles! If you have gray or silver bands, use those instead of the black bands shown. Place double black or gray bands in the areas shown.

Step 7: The Eye

To make your minion's eye, use double white bands and place them as shown in the middle.

Step 8: Finish the Goggle

Then place double black or gray bands again in the center to finish your goggle.

Step 9: Finish the Head

Using double purple bands, finish off the face as shown.

Step 10: The Uniform

El Macho's evil minions have black uniforms instead of the blue uniforms Gru's minions have, so using double black bands, go down five (5) times on the left and right sides of the minion's body.

Step 11: Gru's Label

The traditional yellow minion's uniform has a black label on it, but the purple minion has a white one. I cannot (nor can you) make a small enough G to fit on the minion's uniform. So instead, wrap a single white band around your hook four (4) times and slide it onto double black bands. Put it on your loom as shown.

Step 12: The Bottom

Now place double bands once down in the middle, finishing the middle of the minion's body.

Step 13: The Shoes

The purple minion has black shoes, so twist a band around the peg shown three (3) times and repeat on the left side, too.

Step 14: Triangle Band

On the bottom, place a triangular band and bring the bottom of it around the peg, as shown.

Step 15: The Rest

Then, using single bands, make two (2) more triangular bands as shown.

Step 16: The Arms

Transfer the arms to your loom as shown.

Step 17: More Triangle Bands

Then, using single bands, make the rest of the triangle bands as shown above.

Step 18: Looming the Legs

Go inside of the shoes and grab the bottom black bands, going forward on each side.

Step 19: Loom the Middle

Then loom the normal as usual and grab the right bands.

Step 20: Loom the Rest

Loom the rest of the minion's body as shown and be careful not to confuse any bands.

Step 21: Tie It Off

Loom the holding band. There will be two (2) layers. Bring the bottom one over the top and give it a little tug. It's very important that you don't break the holding band, because it'll be confusing trying to fix it again!

Step 22: Take It Off

Remove the purple minions from your loom and, ta da, you have a cute purple minion! Thank you so much for viewing and I hope you enjoy it! I have a surprise tutorial coming out soon because I just got 20 followers! And my minion got featured, so get ready for something special! Thanks again!

Step 23: The Perfect Pair

Check out my minion tutorial so that you can have the minion duo! Happy looming=D

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