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Once in a while I held a party. In one of the parties, I surprised my guests with something. It was the purple punch concoction.

Here is the recipe to make the drink.

Step 1: Ingredients


  1. Strawberry flavored soda
  2. Clear colored soda (e.g. ice cream soda)
  3. Blue food coloring
  4. Lemon


  1. Kitchen knife
  2. Lemon press
  3. Glass
  4. Spoon (forget to add in the picture)
  5. Ice cube tray

Step 2: The Red

Firstly, I fill the ice cube tray with the strawberry flavored soda.

Step 3: The Blue

  1. Secondly, I cut the lemon in half and squeeze it on the lemon press.
  2. Then, I add it into the premix blue colored water (I'm busy cleaning my fingers from the the blue coloring that I forgot to take a picture making it).
  3. I fill the ice cube tray with the blue mixture.
  4. I put both tray (red and blue) in the freezer.

Step 4: The Freeze

About a least an hour in the freezer, I take out the ice.

Step 5: The Purple Punch

  1. I put some clear color soda in a glass.
  2. Then, I add a couple of red and blue ice cubes.
  3. If I drink initially it will taste the clear color soda (e.g. the ice cream soda taste).
  4. If I let the red ices melt for a while, it will start to taste like strawberry.
  5. The red and blue colors start to mix and gradually turn the concoction into purple.
  6. And if the blue ices melt, the sourness of the lemon will sure give a punch!

Here's the PURPLE PUNCH drink!

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    Looking forward for your purple punch:)
    Thanks for commenting.