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I've been working on some ideas for making thin resin earrings. My plan was to create light, strong earrings that look like stained-glass. I ended up with three styles and I've done a tutorial for each one. Here is the most basic style using copper wire as a base. They come out really pretty and would make a great gift for a grad or a bridesmaid. Play around with the colors and leave yourself plenty of time!

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Step 1: What You Need

Clear 2-part epoxy resin

Plastic packing tape

Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, a container to mix in

Colorant - I'm using alcohol dyes

Copper wire - 22g or heavier

Earring findings

Step 2: Shape the Wire

Cut 2 pieces of wire about 5" each. Use found objects to shape the wire into earring dangle bases. Try to keep the wire as flat as possible.

Step 3: Tape

Lay a piece of packing tape sticky-side-up on your work surface. Press the wire bases onto the tape. Get rid of any gaps between the wire and the tape. (I was only partly successful and had resin leaks)

Step 4: Add Resin

Mix your resin according to package directions (I have more instruction for this in earlier resin tutorials). Add tiny amounts of colorant at a time. I actually went too dark and had to mix in a whole new batch of clear. Save some of the dark stuff though - I'll show you why soon.

Slowly add your resin to the bases with the sticks. Allow time for the resin to spread and add just a drop or two at a time. The resin should dome, but not flood over he sides.

Now is when you'll find out if you have leaks : )

Step 5: Marble the Color

Now you can add a couple of drops of darker, lighter, or other colored resin with a toothpick. Give a little bit of a swirling stir if you want, for a marbled effect.

Step 6: Wait

Here is my resin drying, still on the tape. I wait at least overnight.

Step 7: The Next Day

Pull the dangles off the tape carefully. Some adhesive stuck to the resin. I used a solvent to remove it on some earrings and epoxied over it on others.

Step 8: Leaks

See my leaks? I trimmed the excess resin close to the wire.

Or not. On one pair of earrings, I left the escaped resin because it looked nice. You never know.

Step 9: Make Loops

Twist the two wire ends together a few times where they cross. Make a 3mm loop at the top and wind the rest of the wire around the stem. (Look at my zipper earring tutorial for more on wrapped loops.)

Step 10: Tuck in or Swirl the Wire Ends

Step 11: Add Earring Wire Findings

Step 12: Wear, Give, Enjoy!

The finished earrings are light and pretty. Experiment with different shapes and colors. Try different kinds of wire. I hope you enjoy this! I'd love to see what you make!

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    Amethyst Star

    3 years ago

    I love the idea of using sticky tape as the base, but a tip I'd recommend is to use PVA glue to coat over the sides as well to prevent any leaks, which is what I normally do.

    1 reply

    This was my first time using the tape, so I've still got a learning curve. I love the glue tip. Thanks!! I wanted to know if it just peels off when your resin is dry? Also, do you use Elmer's or something fancier? Thanks Again : ) ~R