Room Make Over



Intro: Room Make Over

How to...

  Choose several samples of paint colors you are interested in.

Step 1:

  Decide on a color that matches your bedding and decor.  

Step 2:

  Paint your room.  (I would advise only painting one wall a darker color if desired.  Then paint the rest a lighter shade.  A white best because it does not overpower the room.)

Step 3:

  Now comes the fun part!
        -Decorate your room however you would like.  Add personal touches to make the space your own.

Step 4:

Looking back...
   1.) I painted and redecorated my bedroom.
   2.) I got the idea from my imagination.  I was tired of my old yellow room and wanted something different.
   3.) I have had the bedroom my entire life and redecorated it with my mom and dad.
   4.) I am surprised at how hard it was to paint my entire room.  At first it was fun, but by the end, I wanted to have my room complete.  I learned that perseverance and patience is worth it in the end.



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