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Introduction: Purple Stone Indian Bangle

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These Bridal Bangals Are Used In Wedding Seasson as well as for any other party.
They are made up of the things which are used to make seal and in common its is called as "lakh" in Indian Tongue.
They are pretty common in Women and girls can be weared on any occasion. Purple stones are used to cover the bangles and looks pretty decent when any women wil wear on their hand. You can use and mix different types of bangles and colours.
Lets Begin!

Step 1: Ingredients

1.Bangle with stones X8

2. Purple stones

3. Fine tool
> Used to place stone on bangle

4. Heater
> used to Heat the bangle

Step 2: Heat Up the Bangle and Collect Stones

In order to place stonesthe bangles are heated.
Heat till stones can get easily into the bangle without harming the bangle

  • Take bangle according to your wrist and hand size such that it can easily get on your hands.

Step 3: Place Stones

  • Take stones according to bangle such that it does not move out of the bangle
  • Place stones according to you .I place next to next in such a away that not empty space is seen
  • Use Fine tool to place the stones
  • After all done apply some pressure over stones such that it stuck inside the bangle.
    Caution: Do not harm the bangle and its shape
  • Use flaten surface to maintain its round shape

Step 4: See What You Have Make

Now you are done.:)
Let the bangle be cool and hard
The stone will shine during parties.

You can wear them on one hand or equal on both hand
This marks the end of this instructable.
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Hope you liked my instructable.

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    5 Discussions

    rfntgy ftftfgt
    rfntgy ftftfgt

    3 years ago

    I loved it.

    In fact, I've got it on now!


    4 years ago

    Very pretty. The stones don't fall out?

    tarun laxkar
    tarun laxkar

    Reply 4 years ago

    no.due to heat the stone don't fall


    4 years ago

    I'd love to make these to sell along with other jewellery I make as must be very relaxing to make but I don't the market for them