Push Pull Door Prank

Okay so first a quick story. At our university there are two sets of doors where both sides have pull handles and at any time of the day you can go there and watch people push the pull side and pull the push side. It got me thinking,a few small signs indicating what you should do would solve this problem. So I decided to do the exact opposite!

In this instructable we are going to put a pull sign on the push side and a push sign on the pull side!

Step 1: Find Your Sign

Not a star sign or any of that fairy stuff, a sign that people recognize as an official sign. This is because people trust official looking instructions and don't think they will be deceived. The image is of the ones I used

Step 2: Cut Them Out

This step can be done with a pair of scissors or any cutting utensil you have. To get nice crisp lines (which helps with the authentic look) I used a design knife and a straight edge.

Step 3: Signs,just Add Tape

The next step easy,we are putting tape over it,just over the edges so it sticks easily and the shiny look makes for a convincing sign,as opposed to a random piece of paper on a door.I am lucky enough to have these tape strips so I cut a piece out of it to make it the right width.

Then pull off a piece and stick it over the front! of the sign. Wish I had more photos of this step but you get the idea!

p.s. I stuck them to the non sticky side of another strip for transportation.

Step 4: Stick Em Up!

Now all you have to do is put them on the doors and enjoy other people being mildly inconvenienced.. (more fun than it sounds)

Just remember to put them on the wrong way! Otherwise we are fixing the problem and that's no fun!

Thanks for reading!!!



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