Pushpin Wall Art and Bonus Organizer

Introduction: Pushpin Wall Art and Bonus Organizer

This instructable is kind of two in one.
The first part yields cheap, fun wall art.
The second makes it into a necklace/earring holder.

Some considerations: space, and overall design if you want to hang things from the push pins.

Materials needed:
Pushpins (single color or assorted)
Embroidery floss or string
Scratch Paper (to become your pattern) - optional
Thimble - optional

Difficulty: Easy

Safe for kids? Small pointy objects require adult supervision.

Cost: approx $5-10

Time required: Less than an hour, depending on the pattern complexity and size

Fun and feelings of accomplishment: Acquired!

Inspiration: http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/how-to/how-to-make-a-string-tree-wall-mural-home-hacks-109655

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Step 1: Make Your Pattern

In this case, I chose the Capsaicin molecule. I wanted the straight lines very straight so instead of freehanding it I drew up a pattern on some scratch paper that I had taped together. I then taped this to the wall.
This design was neat choice because it provided logical places for the pushpins to go. All the bonds made geometric angles which is nice. Rounder shapes will require more pushpins.

Step 2: Pushpin Time

WIth thimble on, inset pushpins into wall, right on over your pattern. Depending on who is on the other side a hammer may be useful as well.

After all this is done, or during, rip off the paper pattern.

Step 3: String It Up

To start, wrap some string around the metal pointy shaft of the initial/primary pushpin (but not on the handle). Then by pushing this pin into the wall all the way it will become your anchor pin.
Continue playing connect the dots with the string and pins.
Then anchor the last one in the same manner as the first.

Now you have some super cool wall art!

Step 4: Bonus: Add Jewerlry

Small things like earrings and necklaces can be organized for easy access by hanging them off the pins.

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