Put UV Tatoo on Your Wall





Introduction: Put UV Tatoo on Your Wall

I got UV paint additive from a friend. Sorry that I can't tell you where to get it or a brand or anythink, because I don't know (maybe someone in discusion can add that?). I just mix it 1:20 with basic white color, select pattern I wanted to use. Printed it in 1:10 scale (1mm on the print = 1cm on the wall) and transfer it to the wall using masking tape (2x50m). Dimension of the wall are 3,6m x 2,6m, UV light is 25W Omnilux UV light bulb.



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    Oh...regarding my post below. Please don't add soap to paint. Do it on dry walls

    Nicely done! Wisk detergent has "optical brighteners" in it that are UV reactive. You can paint your walls with it, can't see it in daylight, but it's fun under a black light! Anything with phosphates in it should do the trick. Fun for kid rooms, Halloween, etc. you can paint ghosts and skulls n schtuff.

    Awesome. I'd love to know more about how you transferred the design onto the wall. It looks like you just did it freehand, but it also looks so perfect!

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    as you can see in video I used 3 vertical and 3 horizontal guiding lines, same on the paper, after that I just measure position of 3 tips of the triangle and the same on the wall (e.g. 1st tip is 4cm to the left and 4cm up from the center on the paper = 40cm left and 40cm up from center on the wall = you have 1st point, I mark the point using pencil, then you just conect 3 points with masking tape = done :)

    4 * 11triangles * 3points = 132points

    first 11 triangles took me about 40min, second batch was done in 30.
    Then I had to paint it and remove the tape because it was really full of tape in the middle