Put YOURSELF in Your Art




This is a fun art project that lets you travel anywhere as far as your imagination will take you. You could ride a dragon through outer space, cruise on a bike underwater, or hang out with the Mario brothers in Marioland!

Step 1: Rough Draft: Setting

Draft a rough sketch of WHERE your picture is located. Plan the colours and elements of design that you will use. Also ensure you have incorporated background, middle ground, and foreground to create depth and to make your picture come to life. Additionally, you can consider adding actual textural aspects to your final piece.

Step 2: Rough Draft: Subject

Once you are satisfied with your basic plan, plot out where YOU will go in the picture. Additionally, you need to think about WHAT you will be doing. Add stick figures to your rough draft to demonstrate how your cut out will be interacting with the scenery.

Step 3: Pose and Say, "cheese!"

Use a tripod (or get a friend's help) to take a few pictures of yourself posing in the way your cut out needs to be positioned in your scene. Take a number of shots and poses so you can pick the ones that work the best.

Step 4: Edit and Print the Pictures

Use a basic paint program to remove the background and resize your image. The images don't have to be perfectly cropped because you will physically cut them out once they are printed. For the best effect, print images in coloured ink.

Step 5: Plan Again!

Place your figure cut outs onto your canvas and lightly sketch in your setting. (Note: this has been sketched in with dark ink so it can be seen. Keep your sketch light so it is easy to paint over.) If you are adding in texture, lay it on the artwork to get an idea of how it will look. (Do not glue anything to your canvas, yet!).

Step 6: Start Painting

Start by painting the background. Once you are satisfied with the background you can begin adding in detail. For best results add detail from the visually furthest part of your painting and work forward (Work from background to foreground).

Step 7: Add Cut Outs

Once you are happy with the painting, position your cut outs (and any textural elements). Secure the cut outs and texture with a hot glue gun. And then, sit back and enjoy the view!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    too fun! thanks for sharing this clever idea! I think it would turn into a funny birthday card, too :)

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