Put Your Hair Up With a Bobby Pin

Introduction: Put Your Hair Up With a Bobby Pin

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So you don't have a  hair tie or just want to put your hair up high?
I found out that you can get a pretty high pony tail this way.

Step 1: For More Than One Ponytail

I would show you how to do one ponytail first, but my hair is super thick and I took the pictures before deciding how to write this 'ible, so I did pigtails.
Start by combing your hair if you haven't already or if it needs brushing. My hair is also super frizzy, so this step is a must.
Now put your hair in sections, as many sections as you want ponytails.
Grab most of a section in one hand, and a small (about half an inch) in the other. The small section is for wrapping around the big one.
Now wrap the small section under the big one like a coil (the picture explains what I mean by that). It doesn't really matter what side the small section is on but I like to be towards the mirror so I can see it.
Take a bobby pin, and secure the end of your hair down. Put it in the back if you don't want it to show or you can decorate it and put it in front.  
► https://www.instructables.com/id/Decorate-Bobby-Pins/

Step 2: One Ponytail

The steps are completely the same, but the smaller section comes from the bottom instead of the side. And make it a little bigger, because there will be more hair.

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