Put a Rad MapKit on a New TpePad Page

Introduction: Put a Rad MapKit on a New TpePad Page

MapKit gives you a fresh new map for your website. Anyone can add places to the map directly from your blog page. Amazing!

You don't need to know any programming to install it.

This little film will show you
1. How to make a new index page for your TypePad blog (pro membership required--if you don't have a pro membership, you can also put a MapKit in a blog post)
2. How to get your MapKit from Platial
3. How to add Places to the map from your site.

If you don't want a map other people can add to, or if you're just interested in other awesome easy DIY map publshing options, check out this how-to for swf maps, iframe maps, and customized styled maps.

Step 1: Watch This Two-Minute Movie

A word-and-picture version coming soon.



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    8 Discussions

    "Watch this Two-Minute Movie (very entertaining)"

    "en·ter·tain·ment (ĕn'tər-tān'mənt) pronunciation

    1. The act of entertaining.
    2. The art or field of entertaining.
    3. Something that amuses, pleases, or diverts, especially a performance or show.
    4. The pleasure afforded by being entertained; amusement: The comedian performed for our entertainment."

    There was not one bit of entertainment I might ad. I have watched ladder safety videos at work that a higher level of entertainment.

    Your video came out blurry and hard to follow for me. I would suggest using screen caps and text so the people you are trying to *cough* "educate", can follow along better.

    I think asshole was a bit of a harsh comment though.

    2 replies

    I mean to do one with just pictures. I'm a total novice at this screen cap stuff. Appreciate the advice. I meant the entertaining remark in a sort of self-deprecatingly sarcastic sort of way. Maybe I should remove that. Trying to be funny in print is a bad idea. Especially if you maybe aren't that funny to begin with.

    I try to swing totally the other way in my tutorials. for example: "In this step I will really kick it into 5th gear and bore the living hell outta you." : )

    Jeez. I actually put a lot of work into this and I do think it is really neat and useful, but not easy enough to figure out. Sorry if it bothered you that I made a how-to for something I work for. Would you have liked it better if I had pretended to be someone else?

    Instructables is simply not a place to show off your great new product.

    I beg to differ. If there's instruction, it qualifies as an Instructable -- even if it is showing how to use a new product. Without doubt, there are ways to cross the line of advertisement without any useful instruction, but this one does not

    Thanks. I really love this site (my true identity is tracy_the_astonishing) and I want to respect it.