Put a Whole Instructable Into a Single Pdf File.




Introduction: Put a Whole Instructable Into a Single Pdf File.

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A pdf file can contain more than text and pictures. Instructable often contain movies, extra pdf files, etc. Sometimes it is convenient to put all resources into a single pdf file. 

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Step 1: Movie Software

This instructable shows one way to do it on a MacBook Pro. Some additional software resources have been added to make this possible. For instance the QuickTime Player has been upgraded to the Pro version.

Step 2: Needed Plugin

A free Perian Plugin has been added to translate movie files. 

Step 3: Pdf Software

Adobe Acrobat has been upgraded long ago to the Professional version.

Step 4: Merge Software

There are lots of online to resources to merge pdf files. This particular software can be found at here.


Step 5: Movie Downloader

It is also assumed that the latest and greatest RealPlayer software is loaded. Having the Realplayer Downloader open will attempt to download most movie files that you click to play on.

Step 6: Monitor Movie Download

The RealPlayer window allows you the option of saving a movie. 

Step 7: An Example Instructable

So now you find an interesting instructable. And it has a movie in it.

Step 8: Easy to Get a Pdf

One can download the whole instructable as a pdf file.

Step 9: Doing It on a Mac

This is how to do it on a MacBook Pro.

Step 10: What About the Movie?

So now you open the pdf file and this is what it does to the movie. 

Step 11: Modify Pdf Text

You best not clip on the video icon. In Acrobat Pro, you can modify text to leaveyourself instructions.

Step 12: Leave Yourself Instructions

In this case, the text has been modified to say that the actual movie is placed at the end of the file.

Step 13:

And this instructable also contains some included files.

Step 14: That Is a Total Three Pdf Files

After one has downloaded everything, there is a grand total of three files.

Step 15: Download Your Movie

To download the movie, click the movie start button. 

Step 16: Monitor the Download

The RealPlayer Downloader window will show that that there is the option to save the movie. Click the view downloads folder to see what gets saved.

Step 17: Find the Movie

Typically the movie gets saved in the flv format.

Step 18: QuickTime Can Read It

If one installs the free Perian QuickTime plug in, one can open a flv file in QuickTime.

Step 19: QuickTime Pro Can Be Handy

It may be convenient to open all movie files in Quicktime Pro.

Step 20: Pick an Export Format

In Quicktime Pro, one can cut, copy, paste, and translate movies to many different formats.

Step 21: Take Your Pick

Take your pick

Step 22: Use Mp4

In this example the movie will be exported to the mp4 format.

Step 23: Find an Empty Area in the Pdf File

To install this movie, one needs to find somewhere which is empty. In this case the end of the file is open.

Step 24: The Movie Tool

Acrobat Pro has a movie tool.

Step 25: Place Your Movie

The movie tools asks one to define where to place the movie.

Step 26: Select the Movie

Select your newly translated mp4 format movie.

Step 27: The Movie Is Now in the Pdf File

The movie will appear after it is loaded.

Step 28: To Play It

One needs to select the hand mode to leave the movie tool mode.

Step 29: This Window Might Open

This window will appear when the movie is first played.

Step 30: Save It

Save if happy.

Step 31: The Pdf File Got Bigger

The pdf file will now contain the whole movie.

Step 32: Next Merge All Files

Open up a pdf merge program and merge all three files.

Step 33: Now Everything Is in One File

Step 34: The Movie Will Play in Safari 5.0

This pdf+movie can be downloaded and/or viewed from safari 5.0.One has to click on the movie to play it. It will ask for permission.

Step 35: The Complete File

Note that including movies in a pdf file will greatly slow down how fast a pdf will load off of the web. Things are much faster when a movie resource is referred to. But Web site resources do have a habit of going away. And saving information in more than one file has some drawbacks.

This actual pdf+movie can be downloaded and/or viewed from safari 5.0.
One has to click on the movie to play it. It will ask for permission.

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