Put on a Motorcycle Helmet Without Undoing the Strap




Introduction: Put on a Motorcycle Helmet Without Undoing the Strap

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This is the right way to put on a helmet. You don't need to undo or adjust the strap every time.

Before a ride on my screaming motorcide-ickle I check the ballistic chute, nitrous tank, etc. Then I look up to see if my passenger is ready. Usually they are still messing with their helmet strap or trying to pound the helmet over their head.

Apparently the proper technique for putting a helmet on isn't widely known. So here it is.

Skillfully demonstrated by Numberandom

Step 1: Chin Strap Over Eyes

Your eyes are the thin part of your head.
Put the strap over your eyes as you rock the helmet back over your head.

Step 2: Push the Strap Down Under Your Chin

It's surprisingly easy to do even if the strap is properly tight.
The ancient ones who brought helmets to this planet must have designed our skulls to match.

That's it!

You're ready to ride!



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    I still think installing a quick release is probably the easiest and most convinient way to get the helmet on and off.

    Hello, this is a very dangerous way to put a helmet on. If the helmet can get on with the strap fastened, then it can easily come off in the event of a crash, as commented below. Please consider this if you are reading this page. I am trying to make this comment nice, but I really believe that this is dangerous advice and the page should be removed. Thanks.

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    OMG! I just tried it with my helmet which happens to fit perfectly. It does work!! I did loosen the strap a bit first but didn't need to 'unloop' it. In my 40+ years of riding I have never seen this method and am VERY GLAD I DID. I live in Oregon and ride in serious rain. Those nice waterproof winter gauntlet gloves that keep the cold wind out of my sleeves become funnels for rain water coursing down my waterproof riding jacket. It can take four or more minutes to get the second gauntlet INSIDE my sleeve. Sometimes I forget to put my ear plugs in before the helmet goes on (did I mention I'm over 60?). Anything that gets that helmet off and back on without having to remove those gloves is a big winner in my book! All I had to do when I tested this method was to cinch it back up. What an improvement. So simple we all go "dah!" (or whine in envy?) BTW Lots of gear comes off when the rider goes down. Even firmly attached things like well laced boots. There is no 'bullet proof' gear... sorry guys.

    My helmet is a tight fit and I tired this method; it works fine. The strap lays on the ridge of the nose, just like in the picture. I don't see how the helmet could possibly come off once the strap is securely fastened under the chin.

    There are lots of doubt about helmet which one is batter? Full face or Open face? But I will go for open face helmets, because I feel comfort when I wear it.

    I think http://openfacehelmetsreview.com will help those people whose are passionate about full face helmet.

    Genius if it works - I'm going to try it right now.

    Very good! It just sucks coz I have 7 piercings in my ears and the helmets push so hard against them taking on and off is painful wish there was a solution like ear protectors lol. but very well done.

    There are a lot of hypothetical comments. Try it before criticizing it.
    I wear properly sized and safe helmets. I have tried this with a Shoei, Arai, and HJC street helmet and an HJC motocross helmet.
    It works.
    It is also somewhat painful, but that may be a function of the shape of my head. I have to loosen the strap slightly in order to get it to work and I therefore don't see any speed increase.
    So it's not for me, but it was very interesting.
    Thanks, Tim.

    In effort to stay within the "be nice" Instructable comment policy. Anyone looking for information on the proper way to put on their helmet should consult the owner’s manual or other reputable sources :) If this technique works, you most likely need a smaller helmet or new padding (see Step 2 for example pictures).

    My favorite question when someone asks about a specific helmets or how it fits (i.e open face vs. full face, tight vs. loose ...etc). Always in a politely tone, “Which one would you rather be wearing if I punch you in the face?” That’s should be the first one to consider buying, a Honda civic hits harder then Mike Tyson.

    And then there's the normal way - where you take 3 extra seconds and get to keep your head in the event of a crash. ..... Just sayin'. :)

    Sheesh... I used to do this all the time with my helmet, Loosened it a bit... put it on, tugged the strap, and voila, all safe and comfy. You'ns need ta lighten up with the gloom and doom! All he had to do was add a final step... tighten the strap, easy peasey!

    I thought everybody did it this way!

    me tooo!....this is provocative for death calling!!!...if police see you in mye country (greece) will send you home without moto and license and wiped out of about 400-500 euros!!! plus the decisio in the court which means 3 months at least without moto/license + some 500 euro + 5 points in 16 limit points in ponitsystem

    bad bad baaaaaaaaaad idea!!!!

    ohh good

    I like to make helmet but i need help from you

    please any body tell me how to made helmet with sample idea?


    wow this guy has no chin!

    Why wear a helmet if you compromise part of its safety systems?
    If it's a joke post, it's not very funny. Someone might take it seriously.

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    Seriously, fastening a helmet's strap isn't that hard. Maybe you just tell your passenger how to do it, then everyone is able to do it in seconds.