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The good old question!

Should guys lower the seat for ladies or ladies put it up for guys?

Some people say that everyone should mind their own business and lift or lower the seat for themselves.

If you're a gentleman, but you just keep forgetting to lower the seat for your lady, this DIY gadget will help you to remember.

What's needed:

  • A small box that fits under the seat.

I used a box from an SD card.

Each toilet seat is different, so it might or might not fit under your toilet seat.

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Step 1:

You'll need a box that fits under the toilet seat.

A box from an SD card was perfect for the job.

To make more space in the box, I got rid of the slot for the card.

Step 2:

I made 2 magnetic battery connectors.

After wrapping the cable around the magnet, I applied some glue on one side so it would not slide off.

The other connector was glued to the box.

Step 3:

Then I soldered an LED and a Tilt switch or also known as a ball switch.

It's a switch with a ball inside. When tilted, ball makes the connection.

Step 4:

Then I glued everything in place.

Magnetic battery connectors will let us change the battery with ease.

Step 5:

I added a custom label.

Step 6:

I used hot glue to attach the box to the toilet seat.

Step 7:

Every time you'll lift the seat, the LED will light up.

Hopefully that will remind you to put it down when done.

+ You get something out from it yourself.

At the night time, the LED will give you enough light to see where to aim.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Good idea. You'd better add a small resistor to the Led, this will increase the battery life time by limiting the intensity.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Great build, really helping me remember... Now all I need is a LED flush reminder!

    1 reply