Putter Dog




About: 72 yrs old male retired who loves wood and metal crafting

Intro: Putter Dog

Parts= body 12in tube or pipe 3in dia, feet and legs use 4 old golf clubs putters ,drivers etc.,use small spring for tail and putter head, use two clubs for ears, head is an bicycle seat stripped down to metal ,2 washers for eyes with 2 marbles, round metal ball for nose

Step 1: Putter Dog

weld legs to body ,weld tail in place , attach head to body, weld ears in place

Step 2: Putter Dog

glue eyes in place use liguid weld glue, attach nose weld if useing metal or glue if useing large marble , add small chain with golf ball attached, paint to suit



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    3 Discussions

    bhavik zure

    2 years ago

    Nice man, it look really amazing.

    Just 3 day before I was thinking same, only difference is I was planning to make it for my son (1 yr old) and I was going to mount it as "Rocking dog ".

    Please always try to post some step by step procedure, it always helpful.

    I don't get dog face, how you made face? can you post any closeup pic.

    1 reply
    srobertdbhavik zure

    Reply 2 years ago

    I make these type items to sell and just wanted to enter a few in contest, I no longer have them and don't make pictures of steps ,that is too much work and takes too long, its a simple thing to make , you can make the head any size and different things a bean can etc I used a bicycle seat because of the shape , most are made of plastic , most old bicycle have metal seats covered with padding remove the padding . I hope this helps. These pictures are all I have.