Putting Music Into the Scratch Racing Game




This tutorial will show you step, by step how to put your own music into the BIY Scratch racing game.


Step 1: You WIll Need...

1)You will have to download the racing game template at http://www.scratch.mit.edu/
2)Next search Noah1194 in the search box at the top.
3)Go to the racing game and download it.

Step 2: Importing Your Own Music

1)The start sound command is under the stage sprite.
2)It starts with "when flag is clicked" and under says play sound.....
3)Go to the sounds tab and import your own music. It should be 4 minutes long at the most.
4)After its done importing replace the set music to your own.

Step 3: Stopping Sound

1)When the game is over the sound has to stop so it doesn't keep going
2)First go into the stage sprite scrips and find the "when gameover" and "when youwin" is broadcasted start block.
3)Next under those you will notice the stop sound command.
  • This makes it so when the game is over weather you win or lose the sound will stop.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, Scratch... That's how I learned how to program. I'll never thank MIT's g33ks enough.

    Mars Pancakes.BMP