Putting Together Your Stars and Stripes Necklace

Introduction: Putting Together Your Stars and Stripes Necklace

A quick DIY on how to put a chain on your Stars and Stripes focal piece. No glue and no wait time required!

*Assemble with friends as an interactive party favor!

To buy the focal piece, go here: http://shpws.me/I3bc

Step 1: Tools

To continue, you'll need:

1.) Jump Rings - Circular hoops used to connect pieces to chains and other fittings. Can be purchased from local craft store or online.

2.) Chain - can be substituted with a cord, string, strap, etc. In this case, I used the pliers to unlink the chain, separating it into two pieces. *If using cord, string, strap, etc., the focal piece can simply be tied on, rendering the jump rings unnecessary.

3.) Clasp - if the chain doesn't already come with it. Can be used with cord, strings, straps, etc.

4.) Pliers - (or jewelry pliers) can be purchased at most local retailers or online. *Not needed if jump rings or linked chains not being used.

Step 2: Open the Jump Rings

Use the pliers to pry the jump rings open.

To do this, I stuck the nose of the pliers into the jump ring and pulled the pliers open.

Step 3: Link

1.) Hook the foremost chain link around the open jump ring.

2.) Do the same with the focal piece.

Step 4: Close Tight

With everything linked, use the pliers to squeeze the jump ring closed.

Make sure that the chain links can't slip out through a gap in the jump ring. *You may need to manipulate the jump ring so that the ends overlap slightly to keep things from falling apart.

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