Puzzle Box With Ardino


What are we making?

A puzzle box in the shape of a Dodecahedron (sides 12). This puzzle wil open by pressing the write buttons.

What will go were?
- We're the top of the puzzle will be lockt in the beginning.

- In between will be a small compartment separating the top and the bottom, making a small space to put a price and making sure you can't see the electrics.

-Bottom of the puzzle will be easy to remove, at the bottom you will find the arduino and all the other electronics.

-On the outer sides at the bottom will be decorations with things a illited would find interesting.

-On the outer sides at the top will be buttons in de rent shapes and sizes that can be prest and on 1 side there will be writing. This panels will also be lightly decorated.

-Between 2 of the top sides will be a small slit white some info and the translation of what it written on one of the top sides

what will u need.

- ardino. - 3mm fds plaat 50 X 90

- printplaat. - primer

-wires. - paint

The theme.

the theme of this puzzle is illithid also know as mind flyers from D&D, I persanaly chose this because I want to use this in a D&D sesion.

But the drowings on the side could be interpeted al all sorts of wird thing. or you could make your one box

lets get starded!

Step 1: Make the Casing

step 1:disgn your puzzle casing or use mine (ther are some promlems withe this disgne). downlode the puzzle_box.fxg

If you make youre own disgn make sure to include room for the buttons.

Step 2: Asamble the Casing

step 2: Asamble youre casing. decorated painted how evey you see fit. during this stap you might wanne think of what you want to use as an reword for opening the puzzle

Step 3: Time to Make the Wires.

step 3: Time to make the wires. follow the foto above for the soldering plan. I will also include the code, make sure to check is every thing works withe a breadbord before you start.

Step 4: Assamble Everything

step 4: assamble the puzzle,put the ardino in place and make sure the wires are put into place.



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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    2 months ago

    That looks really nice. I wish that I had access to a laser cutter so that I could make projects like this.