Puzzle, Laser Cut Plexi and Wood

Introduction: Puzzle, Laser Cut Plexi and Wood

Manufacturing a transparent Plexiglas puzzle entirely by laser cutting in 1 minute.

The plans are available here:


Step 1: Laser Cut

Plans are made for a plate of 10 mm thickness, you can scale it to fit a different thickness or else ask me I will send you.

The cutting is done by two parties for the face and the profile parts

Part 1 is to just cut once.
Parts 2 and 3 they must cut once and then change the play from right to left and make him make 1/4 turn and laser cutting as the 2em on video.

Step 2: Finish

Headache, finished, my other establishment are here:




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    4 Discussions

    why do you cut 7 pieces when it's a 6-piece burr?

    1 reply

    It was just to see that he had to rent instead of pieces, not to the needs 7em. ;)

    Nice concept.