Puzzle Piece Friendship Necklace




This DIY Puzzle Piece Necklace is very easy to create. This necklace is unique and creative. Also, this can be a friendship necklace if you make two like shown in this instructable. So, let's start!

Step 1: Supplies

Things you will need:

-Two Necklace Chains
-Two Puzzle Pieces (Make sure they connect)
-A Push Pin

Step 2: Painting the Puzzle Pieces

It's time to paint the puzzle pieces! 
Paint the bottom first, using silver paint.
Let dry completely.

Then, paint the top of the puzzle pieces with colors of your choice. 
I chose to do blue, red, yellow, and purple multicolored.
I mixed blue and yellow to create green.
Let dry completely.

Step 3: Using the Pushpin and Finishing

Now it's time to take your pushpin and make a hole for the necklace chain.
Use your pushpin to make a small hole in the puzzle pieces, and then keep working your way and make the hole bigger.
Put your necklace chain through, and your finished!

Clean up your work area. Wear one of the necklaces you just made give the other to your best friend!

Enjoy and Have fun!!



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I don't really use my puzzles,this would be a great idea for re-using the puzzle pieces! Thanks for the idea!! ;-)


    3 years ago

    u cud even use nail polish instead of paint


    4 years ago

    Oh this is so sweet! Will for sure do this if I have any old puzzle pieces!