Puzzle Box Survival Kit

in this Instructable I will teach you how to make and use a puzzle box survival kit. it has hunting supplies fishing gear and medical supplies plus a survival blanket.

Step 1: Medical Supplies

here is the things you need medical wise...
* 5 band-aids*
* emergency/survival blanket(in most medical kits)*
* 6 Q-tips*
* Neosporin*
* Orajel(for tooth aches)*
* 5-6 cleansing wipes*

Step 2: Hunting

you will need a couple of things for hunting but here are a few...
* a screwdriver*
* a knife of some sort*
* something else sharp

Step 3: Fishing

the fishing gear needs...
* 8 gold painted fishing hooks(small)*
* one diving crankbait(small)*
*  160 yards of 30 pound test fishing line(one pack)*
* 2 soft plastic baits(diffrent)*
* fishing weights*
* one catfish sized hook*

Step 4: Other Things

just some suggestions...
* tissues**
* hand sanitizer*
* toenail clippers*
* plastic bags*
* loose leaf paper*
* water bottle *
* metal can*
* yarn/string*


do not rely on this as the only way to survive in a bad situation
 there are many other things that you can use if you happen to be in this situation.
use your brain don't make any risky decisions unless you have to.

Step 6: Using Your Survival Kit

Medical supplies is one of the most important part of this kit. I don't know how the use the Oragel, but here is how to use some things
for the emergency blanket, just open the package and cover ALL your body. it will get cold!
the cleansing pads use them to clean ALL your cuts. infection can be painful to suffer.
fishing is key in places like swamps of lakes or maybe even islands so follow these tips
if your on an island then there should be very clear water so try spear fishing by taking a stick or pole and some string and tieing it on then take a swim.      =-)
if your in a swamp use your line all the time there could be crocks in those waters. tie a hook to your line and some weights also. Try to use your plastic bag as a float.don't forget to tie your line to a tree or big rock so if you do catch somthing it doesn't swim away.
hunting the most danger filled situation is hunting with a knife. you should always try small animals first like rabbits or birds. use rocks instead but if you must then get your knife and kill a doe DON'T GO ALL CRAZY and try to kill a black bear with a pocket knife.

Step 7: One Last Thing

use your instincts to guide you. use the buddy system, if there is someone that can stay with you DON'T go alone. and most importantly don'tget all upset and break down crying, stay positive or you will lose hope and you WON'T survive.



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