Puzzler Guide to the Twisty Puzzles!




WARNING- This instrucable contains some informations that can be offend some people -viewer discretion is advised.

Okay ,here we go...
Do you ever buy a puzzle , then regret it?. you saved your money , buy the puzzle , and realized that you made a big mistake?Here is the tips for choosing the puzzle- ! cause sometimes that can be a waste ,ok ? you must choose carefully, and be wise! Here are the tips for buying puzzle and some information about puzzle mod .

Step 1: What Kind of Puzzle?

Before buy a twisty mechanical puzzle , always check this first:..

1.Have you checked in the internet ,and know what is the normal price?
2. Is the Price normal?Is it too expensive ,or too cheap?
3..Is it a Mod ( modification) from other puzzle? Think Twice.
3.If its a mod ,is it Special ?( ex. Changing shape , or a cross between two puzzle)
4.What is the Brand? Is the turn is good ?
5.How is the Quality of the material? Is it made from good quality plastic ?
6.Is The Sticker is a good quality sticker (lasted for a long time, and not easy etched .)
7.Is the puzzle is in a Good condition?-Check every corners and the stickers
And next check out the other steps to know more about this mods...

Step 2: The Cube

If you want to buy an ordinary cube ( 2x2 ,4x4 ,3x3) , but you want to be unique, buy a 6x6 cube! it's unique , a big cube , and a three-in-one cube--- the 2x2 cube, 3x3 cube ,and 6x6 cube.( it's expensive ,ok I know , but it's functional)

Step 3: 3x3x2 Cube, Fisher Cube,void Cube

the 3x3x2 cube is quite common .if you collect puzzles based on it's mechanism , this cube uses 3x3 mechanism .But there are the 3x3x2 barrel ,and 3x3x2 cube . so if you wan to buy both of them, you must buy a 3x3x2 crazy cube( pic1) . it's a cross between the barrel ( pic2) and 3x3x2 cube(pic 3)! two-in-one cube!

And there is the fisher cube too( picture 4)-it's a mod from a 3x3 ,and uses same mechanism.It has a brother , the windmill cube.but there is a lengthened windmill cube (I called it Gamla cube) --(picture5 ).This cube is a windmill cube , but in a "X" pattern. You can mod your fisher cube like this too, but it won't be look so "nice"...

the void cube uses a different mechanism , but I don't prefer it.I just take the center caps of a 3x3 cube , and it's already a "void" cube .But sometimes you see an "Edge only void cube"--(pic 6).well it's worth ( unique) but you must think twice-this is a modified 3x3 void cube.the 3x3 corners was taken , and the edge is made wider

Step 4: Skewb

The skewb (picture1)  uses an unique mechanism ( you can see it when you break or diassembling the puzzle).,the skewb has many, many mods, the picture 1 is a skewb cube, the most common skewb.But htere are another shapes too-dodecahedron ,icosahedron ,pyramid and others.
here is the data:
pic1: cube
pic2: skewb diamond
pic3: Hexagonal skewb
pic4: star skewb
pic5:skewb ultimate
pic6:3d skewb

the star skewb is a cross between the cube and diamond skeb.
the hex skewb is a truncated skewb diamond
The skewb ultimate ia a dodecahedral puzzle , and has 12 faces.  And.. the 3d skew AND polymorphinx is a cross between the cube skewb and skewb ultimate!

Step 5: The Turning-face Octahedron, Pyramid

the turning face octahedron  uses ball core , (pic1) .what's in the 2nd picture is a jewel cube. it's a truncated version of the turning face octahedron.Turning face octahedron face is just like a pyraminx,but it's quite different.(Pyramic is a triangle base pyramid , but this is not).

The 3rd Picture is Pyraminx , and the 4th picture is tetraminx.Do you realize it? Tetraminx is just a pyraminx with no "corner" pieces.But it depend on what do you think about it.( and depends on the price too.

Pyraminx has a little brother , called Pyramorphinx.It shaped like a pyraminx , but only has 3 triangles / sides..The dino star ( pic number5) is made from 2 pyramorphinx.

Step 6: (Super) Square-1 Mod

The Super Square-1 Puzzle is a great puzzle, and ,it's the Square-1 /cube 21 "Brother".It's a Great Puzzle , just like a Square-1.Its more common too. There are 2 cube version : the 4 layered super square -1 or the 2 layered super square-1. But there are some mod from the cube.the Square-1 is in pic1 and the super square -1 in the pic2.The 3rd and 4th picture shows the mod from the Super Square-1



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    15 Discussions


    3 years ago

    please get better pictures its kinda pixely(no offense to your camera)


    8 years ago on Step 5

    A dino star is not made from 2 pyramorphinxes, and the cube in the picture is a pyramorphix star

    4 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry for that , .I know it's a pyrastar , but ,hey, it has the same turning, right? (But different mechanism ...and Well, I'm quite sure , Dino star is a creative way to modify the x cube)


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    it has a way different turning- on a dino star you turn the tips, and on the pyrastar you move 4 tips at the time

    Nicolas Mkalleanka

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I have to agree, the Barrel is in fact a 2x3x3 cut to a circle. And the Crazy domino is much harder than those 2. BTW, the smallest number goes first (just a little advice) like 2x3x3, not 3x3x2.

    Mr.A-ZNicolas M

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That exactly what I mean. Just imagine,if you have to choose , a domino or a crazy 2x3x3( with the same price) , which one will you choose? I will choose the crazy , because it's a 2 in 1 puzzle. and then , choose between a domino and a barrel( which is more expensive) ,which will you choose?


    8 years ago on Step 2

    It's also a 1x1, 4x4 and 5x5 cube. (4x4 turn the two pices right/left at the same time)(5x5 turn the centerpieces at the same time)

    Nicolas M

    8 years ago on Introduction

    V-Cube 7 is better than 6, you have a 2x2x2, a 3x3x3, a 5x5x5 and a 7x7x7, that's 4-in-1.