(Homemade AirGun) Target Bullets




Just recently I made a Pneumatic Pvc Airgun. It works great but, I wanted more power out of it. So I thought I should make better bullets out of something reasonably cheap. This is what I came up with.
These don't shatter easily and work very well if they are shot out of an airgun. Plus these will decompose as oposed to batteries and other metal bullets which will take a hundred or so years to. So be eco friendly and make these bullets. Please rate it if you like this instructable.

Note: These are only done for eco friendly bullets.
These bullets might go through cardboard But these don't have enough weight
to do real damage. However I will soon post an Instructable on Way better bullets Who win in Weight, Accuracy, Distance, Durabiltiy and Destruction power. I'm talking about heavy weight champions.

Note: New better bullets At https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Airgun-Bullets-V2/

Note: New even better bullets at https://www.instructables.com/id/Long-Distance-Bullets


Step 1: Materials

Hair Gel,
Pvc Piping (same size as your barrel),
Plaster of Paris,
and a bowl of water(about 3 Tablespoons)
Plus some Tape, sand paper,
Concrete ground,some tinfoil,
and a saw (possible a sharp knife)

Step 2: Make the Plaster and Prepare the Mold

Make the Plaster
First put 3 tablespoons of water into the Bowl, then add
two tablespoons of plaster of paris. Stir it around until the plaster is dissolved. add water or plaster to it make sure it will run but is still thick.

Prepare the Mold
Grab the Pvc pipe, the chopstick, and the hair gel. First scoop some gel up with the chopstick and put it in the pipe, swirl it around until the inside of the pipe is covered in gel. Now tape
the end of the pipe nicely.

Step 3: Fill It Up

Grap the plaster and start spooning it into the tube. Once it is full put it in a vice(if you don't have a vice make a base out of tin foil). now wait for about 45 minutes to a hour for it to dry.
(if you don't it will fall apart when you push it out).

Step 4: Shaping

Push the dried plaster out of the pipe, it should come out easily if you geled it nicely. Then cut it to size with the saw 1 inch sizes are great. Now useing the concrete sharpen the ends as much as you like (you may have to sand it to fit into the barrel,

Step 5: The Last Step......

Now depending on wether you want bullets that are tough as nails or Bullets that shatter on the target and leave a white mark.
Shatter Bullets
Grap the bullets and leave them out to dry for about 1 to 2 days. Or if you wan't to use them right now grill them in the oven as high as it will go on the heat gauge for about 10 to 15 minutes. On the other hand you can not waste power and do what I did which was put them in the fire using a custom-made tin foil bullet holder. These are fun on targets not very good at shooting throught stuff though.

Hard Bullets
Leave them out in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes. The bullets should be quite hard but, not quite dry and your done. These work well a shooting through targets and don't shatter as easly as the Shatter Bullets.

Have fun And remeber to be safe



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168 Discussions

Bryn S

3 years ago

i m 13 ill just make them with liquid metal

Bryn S

3 years ago

i m 13 ill just make them with liquid metal


10 years ago on Introduction

Gr8 Instructable. Has any one thought of using ice bullets ? I started using them but it caused my barrel to rust =( . have you thought about placing a nail or a bolt in it to give it a bit more weight ?

11 replies

Hehe, put an LED throwie in a Polymorph round to make tracers. Would vaseline work better than the hair gel??? Also you could probably make a wooden stand for the pipe & have a centered hole to hold that nail or a large sewing needle.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Is polymorph expensive where your at? Because over here (New Zealand) it costs about ten dollars per two hundred grams!


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Tracers have phosporous on the tip that ignites from AIR FRICTION.This means that the bullet has to be going FAST (as in, faster than 1200fps,or faster than the speed of sound) so most air cannons wouldprobably not be able to use tracers....or atleast, ignite tracers.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

thanks. yes i have thought of that and it would work well as long as its shot out of a pvc gun. puting a nail in would be hard because balanceing woulbd be hard good ideas mattrox


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

If you used single bullet molds it wont be that hard to find the middle. Just to prove you wrong i will attempt this dangerous task =) ill post pics when i have the time


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction



SystematiC PinoY

9 years ago on Step 1

Hey. These bullets seem pretty good there on my A-list things to do list this summer holidays.. Along with the rifle itself. Was just wondering whats the chop stick for? Is it to push the plaster of paris out of the mold?

2 replies

Oh, haha I should have read the next step first before posting that comment above. So I take it that then hair gel works as a lubricant to get the plaster of paris out yeah? 

you can use minola or baby oil instead of hair gel (mas mura) and you can use white portland cement (may nabibili sa hardware ng 1/2 kilo bag)