Pvc Bike Luggage Bag




Introduction: Pvc Bike Luggage Bag

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Waterproof (from above)

Step 1: Heated,cut,pierce

the folding of the pvc bars is done with the torch, I cheated..I took the pvc bars that I cut into a trash.

Step 2: Pierce

With the soldering iron (be careful with the fumes!) to have the right size and even screw the screws of-in.

Step 3: Cut

The four corners so that the lid closes well without problems, with the time this will do and it will be less hard.

I stuck the strap in the cork

Step 4: Take Advantage of It to Find a Place to Screw It!

Step 5: Trick

This production uses a lot of pucks .. like me drink beer with capsules! crush and pierce them



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    if you have translucent screwable caps on the containers there could be blinking lights installed

    very nice idea! Like it.