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In this instructible I will show you how to build a pvc bow and a quiver for arrows. The pipe should be around 4 ish feet. The rope should be para cord. You will need duct tape, para cord, 6 inch pvc pipe along with 3 inch pvc pipe with cap, 4 feet long pvc pipe. This is my first instructible so it's not perfect. By the way this bow is a weapon so use it only for hunting, survival, or arrow range. Do not use this for bad. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE. Now saying that build the pvc pipe

Step 1: Cutting

On both ends of the pvc pipe you must cut notches about 1 inch down. I used a dremel but a hand saw will work. My cutting wasn't good but the string holds tight when its attached.

Step 2: Quiver

The next step is to build a quiver on the bow. I used a 1 inch by 6 inch pvc pipe at the top and a 4 inch piece at the bottom with a cap on. You can use a arrow or other straight rod to get both pieces aligned. Once they are aligned I duct taped them both on.

Step 3: Rope

We are now going to attach rope. You have to bend the pipe and then put the rope on. My para cord hasn't come yet so the string is very big and hard to fire arrows from.

Step 4: Finished Project

You have know finished a pvc pipe hopefully and are on you're way to a range. Adios amigos



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    5 years ago

    I used a four footish piece that was quarter inch wide


    5 years ago

    Not trying to be a noob here, but... Where do we get PVC?