Pvc Bow 70+ Lb Draw!




This is the bow unstrung. It is made of 1" pvc, fiberglass, and 1/2" pvc. Ike always this will not be a step by step but a showcase of my bow. The bow has 70+ lbs of draw weiggt but is closed to 75 lbs.

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Step 1: The Bow

This bow has an outer diameter of 1" pvc with a 1/2" pvc stuffed inside for more power and rigidity. Also the the fiberglass rods are on the side of the handle to increase power and rigidity. With pvc the bow will hit used to its bow so it is good to have an unstringing method so the fiber glass and do its job and straighten the pvc as much as possible. Using this method of pvc and fiberglass your bow is really powerful and can easily kill deer!

Step 2: Arrow Rest

This rest is a sit down style which means when the veins come in contact with the elbow part the rest will flip down causing little damage to the veins this also aids in accuracy.

Step 3: Kills and Points

**Viewer discretion is advised**
This is my first kill with the bow. There are many rabbits on my neighbors farm and he allows me to hunt them for the better meant of his crops. These are considered really big pests where we live and they can really destroy crops. So far I have 3 buh they are getting a little smarter because there cousins are coming up missing ?. But the points I use are cheap muzzy look a likes. They are really cheap ($5) but most definitely get the job done. I think it may be illegal to hunt small game with broadheads though?? The rabbit was out in a flash though. Stopped his heart.



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    4 years ago

    You should make it an instruction in how to make it... That is what Instructables is for, plus, I'm sure there are tons of people who would want to make this. As it's super cool

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    I am actually going to make one later this week for a friend of mine and I will most definitely show a step by step if you would like.


    Reply 4 years ago

    To all who wanted to see the day for this bow I will have it by later today.. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.