Pvc Kids Chair




These chairs are so nice for outside! They fold for easy storage and the covers are washable! I have tested the chairs up to about 45 pounds in weight.

Chair Cover Supplies:
13"x26" fabric for front
13"x26" fabric for back
13"x26" fleece interfacing

Chair Frame Supplies:
About 15' of 1" outer diameter PVC pipe
8- 1" PVC elbows
6- 1" PVC T's
drywall sanding block

Step 1: Making the Cover

Layer the pieces together, wrong sides facing. Sew around all edges, leaving a space for turning.

Step 2: Finishing the Cover

Turn right side out. Fold 2 1/2" to the back on each end and pin in place. Sew.

Step 3: Remove Markings From Pvc

Using the drywall sanding block, sand any marking off the PVC pipe.

Step 4: Cut the Pvc

Using a miter saw, cut the pipe into the following pieces:
4- 3 3/4", 6- 6 3/4", 4- 12", 3-14"

Step 5: Bottom Frame

Start by making the bottom frame.Take 1-12" piece and attach elbows to both ends. Attach a 3 3/4" piece to one elbow and a 6 3/4" to the other elbow. Attach a T to both pieces you just placed with the "stem" of the T facing inward. Repeat with another 12". Now join the two frame pieces together using a 14" inserted into the "stem" of the T.

Step 6: Back Frame

To make the back frame: Insert a 6 3/4" piece into the T on each side and top each piece with another T with the "stem" facing towards you. Insert a 6 3/4 piece on the top part of the T on both sides. Top each piece with an elbow. Join the back frame with a 14" piece.

Step 7: Completing Chair Frame

Insert a 3 3/4" piece into the T on the front of the chair and top with an elbow. Repeat for other side. Insert a 12" from the elbow to the T on the back. Repeat for other side. Insert your last 14" piece to complete the chair frame.

Step 8: Double Check

Make sure all of the joints have been pushed together really well.

Step 9: Finish Chair

Attach fabric cover



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    How does the chair fold up?


    4 years ago

    no need to be such a b***h... If my measurement were off . . my bad, but when making a project you should always buy more than you need for this exact reason.


    5 years ago

    To be safe I bought 2 yards of fabric and 1 yard of fleece interfacing. You cut them into 13 inches by 26 inches pieces. Then you lay your first piece down so that the outside of the fabric ( the side you will see when everything is done) is facing down. Next lay your fleece on that and finally lay your last piece of fabric down on top of the fleece so that the outside of the fabric is facing you. There are many ways you could sew them, probably the easiest would be to sew around all the sides so that it is completely sealed. Next you fold down 2 1/2 - 3 inches down on your 13" sides and sew them so that you can slide a piece of pvc through each side. You them attach the pvc back to the chair. This is the easiest way you could do it.

    1 reply

    I agree with the lady below, and will add some more to it. Your measurement for the length of the fabric for the piece that runs from top, to bottom, is WAY WAY off, and needs to be near 39 inches to reach/work. I spent $50 on materials for this project, to make 2 of these for a 4H project, to find out all wasted. I have a nice $50 pile of junk thanks to your measurement.


    5 years ago

    Sorry is had already finished my fabric when I decided to put this up. If you look in my photos I also have a piece of fabric going the arm to arm. That is not included in the fabric you should buy. It is just an exact copy of the first fabric attached. I made it when 8 month old decided she also wanted to sit in her sisters chair. (Safety first) ;D


    5 years ago on Step 9

    Sorry to be such a dunce, but I have no idea what you're doing with the fabric, how it's cut, how much do I need to buy, how it's sewn, and how it's attached. Diagrams? Photos? Dimensions?