Pvc Lightsaber Puzzle Geocache




Introduction: Pvc Lightsaber Puzzle Geocache

a cool field puzzle geocache for the starwars nerd. (like me)

Step 1: Materials

you can make this basically any size u want but ill just list what I used to build this saber.

1 1/4" OD x 3/4" ID x 28" for the pieces

3/4" OD x 35" for number tube

the old handle from toy saber.

medium grit sand paper

Step 2: The Pieces

trace out the pieces on the tube any way u want i did a lot of sharp edges and points. your gonna need about 10 pieces .
after u have your patterns drawn on your tube start to cut them out i used a drill and the smallest bit i could use on my drill drill a relief hole on every corner of your pattern.
i then used a drimmel with a cutting wheel to cut out the pieces take care with this step or the pieces will have a lot of movement in them. after all these are cut clean them up with some sand paper.

Step 3: The Inner Number Tube

start by taking your cut out pieces and cutting a square in the center of all but the top piece. this will be your decoder tube. after all the pieces are cut out and have a center hole insert the blank number tube in to the toy saber handle. my handle had a square hole cut out already if yours does not then your gonna have to cut your own. once you have the tube in the and you can see the blank tube in the handle window mark that "N". i drilled a small hole in the side if the handle and put a nail through it into the number tube to hold it in place. slide the very bottom piece on the tube and glue that in the top of the handle so you can spin the inner tube and the cut pieces stay in place. next slide all your cut pieces on the tube. with the "N"showing in the handle window mark all the spots that have the window cut out on the number tube . now pull the nail out and take the top cut out piece off and turn the inner tube 180°. on the opposite side of the handle drill a small hole and insert the nail again. now mark a "W" in the handle window and mark all your cut out piece windows.

Step 4: Making the Number Tube.

now take all the pieces off leaving the nuber tube in the handle with the "W" still showing write one number of the cords. from the "WEST" in each of the spots you marked. pull the nail rotate till the "N" is showing and put one number from the "NORTH" cords. in each of the spots u marked. now when all the pieces are put back on and the N is showing there should be a number in each window starting from the bottom to the top. and the same for when it has the W showing those numbers should be showing from the bottom to the top. now pull the number tube out and put random numbers all over the blank areas so if u look at the tube alone u could not tell what the heck it is.



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    9 Discussions

    I'm puzzled about how/where you'd hide it, though. Out in plain sight it would get muggled in short order...

    4 replies

    actually I had this already hidden for about a year I found a very very Steep and treacherous Hill I hid the number tube and a camouflage sock that I made and I put it in a very dense bush it look like a stick I had the puzzle pieces and the handle in a very thin camouflage ammo can hidden about 100 ft further on down this very Hidden Trail to find the spots you would have to solve some trivia questions that are from Star Wars I'll message you again and give you the GC code it's archived but I wanted to redo it

    Found it - too vicious for me, but devious or what...?! You're quite the Star Wars fan!

    Oooh - that sounds like maybe the wickedest cache ever! I'd love the GC number so I could look it up...

    That's a really fun idea! A couple of my uncles do geocaching and would LOVE this :)

    1 reply

    Thank you its also alot of fun making it

    love this idea for a cache wish I would see more cache ideas on here but this one is really neat

    1 reply

    Thanks i love this kind of geocaches also