Pvc Pipe RC Air Plane Holder



Introduction: Pvc Pipe RC Air Plane Holder

This Project uses pvc piping the kind used in plumbing at homes to make a place to hold Rc airplanes. This holder holds aircore and most small slow fliers. This can be used for other things also if you come up with something please comment about your idea.

Step 1: Parts

Pvc pipe angle pieces
4- 90' angle
6- three way
1- half inch pipe clamp
Paint (optional)
Pvc pipe glue (optional)
Foam pipe protector (optional)
A whole lot of pvc pipe(147 inches) (1/2 inch optional)
Concrete screw or dry wall toggle (for mounting)
Concrete drill bit for concrete drilling

Step 2: Tools

Saw (any kind)
Corded concrete drill for garages

Step 3: Cutting Pvc

Cut 8, 4 inch pieces of pvc
Cut 2, 3 1/2 inch pieces of pvc
Cut 6, 18 inch pieces of pvc

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Take the 3 1/2 inch piece and put 2 90' turn pieces on both ends do this again to the other 3 1/2 inch piece. Put the 4 inch pieces in each of the 90' pieces connect the pvc to the 3 way piece do this 2 more times on each side then connect it to the remaining 90' and 3 1/2 in piece. Put an 18 inch piece of pvc in the remaining part of the three way on all the three ways so it looks like the pictures.

Step 5: Mounting (for Concrete)

Drill a hole with a concrete drill bit and a concrete hammer drill. Put the screw in and screw it in. Now before you put in the bottom screw put the top piece of pvc in the hole strap then drill and screw the remaining screw.

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