Pvc Toddler Chair

First off, This is my first instructable. This isnt my original idea but i haven't ever came across an instructable for how to make this so i decided to make one to share with every one. the original instructions that i found was on one of the first links on google after searching "pvc toddler chair" they also have instructions on how to make the actuall sling part of it that the kids sit in but im not guna add that part just pictures of it(plus the wife is guna sew them not me lol) ok well here we go

Step 1: Materials List

Ok im not sure what the price pn pvc pipe is because i salvaged them. The Ts and elbows i bout at lowes you can get 10 pack cheaper that you can buying 10 seperate they cost about $2-$3 per pack. Ok pretty much all you need : pipe, Ts, elbows, and if you want some pvc cement but i didnt use it.

Materials are:
Atleast one 10x1/2 pipe
8 1/2x1/2 elbows
6 1/2 T fittings
Pvc pipe cutter or a saw
Pvc cement(optional)

Step 2: Cutting the Pvc

Ok your cuts dont need to be perfect, i used a saw so mine definitely werent, there wont be any exposed cut parts all ends will have dittings on it, If you want to make multiple chairs you will need more pipe, one 10ft pipe is enough for one chair you will only have about 1 1/2in pipe left over after you cut everything.

Cuts you will need to make:
7 10in pieces
2 6in pieces
4 5in pieces
4 4in pieces

Step 3: Getting Your Fittings and Cut Pieces Together

Start with your 7 10in pieces, make 3 with elbows on both sides, 2 with Ts on both sides and 2 with an elbow on one side and a T on the other

Step 4: Starting the Base of the Chair

Now that you have youre fittings in place grab your 4 5in pieces and your 2 6in pieces there should be 2 pieces with the 5in pipe on both sides and one with the 6in pipe on both sides i refer to these as "u"shaped parts

Step 5:

Now what you want to do is get the 2 double T ended pipe and connect one T to one end of the 5in "u" shaped pipe you put together earlier, then grab your 2nd 5in "u" shaped pipe and connect it to the other T, do the same thing for the opposite side. And it makes youre base

Step 6:

Now what you want to do is add your 4 4in cuts to each T

Step 7: Arm Rests

Once you have youre 4in pipes connected grab the 2 parts with an elbow and T on the sides and connect it to the 4in pipe like in the picture, this makes the arm rest part of the chair.

Step 8:

Now all you're left with is the one 6in "u"shaped part, connect it to the last 2 open T fittings and you have you back rest. And youre done you can get some spray paint for plastic and paint it whatever color you want

Step 9: Sling, Sitting Part

Heres the pictures of the sling part that were with the original instructions so you can make your own, seems pretty simple.
And thats it pretty simple project takes about 30mins well enjoy making your pvc toddler chairs!



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Reply 2 years ago

no i dont but im sure use bigger pipe, adding a few extra fittings, and more pipe to reinforce it and it should be ok


3 years ago

I have made several of these and am in the process of designing one for older children. Here are pictures of a couple I have made. I make the seat a little different.

Toddler Chair 1st Mate.JPGToddler Chair Princess.JPG
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Reply 2 years ago

these look great! i wish i would have seen this when you first commented.by chance do you happen to remember what measurements you used for the the seat and arm rests covers? im in the procces of making another chair fpr my 2yr old and would like to make it the same way you did


2 years ago

easy peazy lemon squeezy


3 years ago

This is the most FANTASTIC plan I have ever picked up. I plan to make several for my Grandkids and friends !!!!!!!!! THANK SO VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 years ago

Thanks for the concise and easy to follow instructions. The chair turned out perfectly. Our son loves it!!! One improvement we made was adding arm rest covers.....


4 years ago on Introduction

We bought similar chairs for our grandchildren over 15 years ago and they are still going strong - 8 more grandchildren later. Great to have the plans - they give my creative retired husband something to do.