Pyramid Box Tutorial

Introduction: Pyramid Box Tutorial

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In today's tutorial I'm showing you how to make a pyramid box. You only need a square sheet of paper, some thread or ribbon to close it and you can add any embellishments you wish.

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Step 1:

Turn your sheet of paper on the wrong side and use a ruler and pencil to trace the diagonals.

Step 2:

From the centre point of the paper measure 2" on each side, then trace a square in order to create a 4" base.

Step 3:

Trace a triangle on each side of the square, then on the upper sides trace a few curved lines.

Step 4:

Cut out the shape of the box following the curved lines, then score, fold and burnish all the sides of the triangles.

Step 5:

Punch a hole in each flap of the box and thread a ribbon to close the box.

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