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About: I am a sci-fi enthusiast who is not as much interested in the void of space, as the technology that is going to take us there. I am a noob programmer, delving deep into sensors and servos and arduinos (Oh My...

A few months back, I was at Best Buy looking at all of the cool tech while my parents were off doing-something else. Near the camera section, I found a display case for one of those everything-proof Bluetooth speakers. While I looked at the glass, something surprising happened: The speaker was suddenly encased in flames! Moments later, the flames disappeared and were replaced by torrents of gushing water. I had never seen anything like it in my twelve years of life. It was a hologram!

Recently I decided to delve into this on Instructables, having found a really easy design. Actually, I am only improving on a few things. So before I begin, I would like to thank Fituro for is extremely informative Instructables.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

For this project, you will need:



Some type of cuttable plastic

Tape(Any kind)


My grandpa is a inventor, so getting the plastic was pretty easy, although you can use plastic from packaging like headphones and other accessories. The other stuff I had on hand, so this project is almost zero in cost. Eventually, I am planning to hook up a Raspberry Pi for more advanced projections, and even holo-games!

Step 2: Making Your Mark

For this step you must decide your scale. You must base your scale off of a trapezoid with a base of 6 cm, a height of 3.5 cm, and a top length of one cm. To make mine, I multiplied these lengths by 1.92 (Because the base of the pyramid I am making is 11.5 cm.)

Now you must apply your scale to a physical model. Take your plastic, and use the sharpie and ruler to draw 4 trapezoids of your scale.

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

Now cut out you trapezoids. Now you have four perfect trapezoids that you have no idea what you are going to do with. I am going to tell you.

Take your tape and tape the four trapezoids together to make a pyramid.OPTIONAL:for extra support, you can use superglue on the inside edges to make it stronger. When it dries, you might even be able to take off the tape!

Step 4: Jazz It Up

So now you have a functional holoprojector. Now it is time to add some cool stuff!

First, lets add a top. Cut a cardboard square and secure it on top of the pyramid. Now you are free to do want you want with it, add struts, cool paint, whatever. It is up to you.



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    1 year ago

    These are a lot of fun. :) That's a great cost effective way to make one!