Pyramid Lamp




In this instructable, you will be creating a lamp in the shape of pyramid. The estimated cost of materials is approximately $30. All parts were bought at home depot. A drill as well as a saw and sandpaper are need to put in the screws, cut wood, and sand the wood to put paint on.

Base- $7.48

Hinge- $3.27

Light Bulb- $- $3.97

Lamp Kit- $12.47

Arms- $1.72

Step 1: Top of Structure

In this step, you will be conjoining the arms of the lamp (both arm1 and arm2) as well as the edges. To begin, cut 45 degree angles on each end of all pieces. With the edges, you will be gluing each end together to make a square. Next, take both arm2 pieces and align them centered in opposite corners (diagonally) to join together in the middle. Connect them by gluing them to each other (on one end) and glue the other ends to the corners. Allow for time to dry. Once pieces have dried, take both arm1 pieces and align them centered and the other two opposite corners (opposite corners mean diagonally) the pieces should then be glued to the corners with the other end glued to arm2 pieces.

Step 2: Preparing the Base

To prepare the base, find the center in which the light will be placed. You will then drill a hole in the center of the top (size depends on the size of the socket cap) to about half way. Then, calculate the center of the side of the base. Drill a hole through that center until it meets the hole made on top. Now the base has been prepared.

Step 3: Colour

This an unnecessary step in making the lamp. For this step, you simply paint or color the wood to whatever is desired.

Step 4: Light Assembly

To put the light together, lay out each piece. Then pull the wire through the base and then through the socket cap to attach the wires to the socket interior. After, its been pulled through, attach the neutral conductor (wire with ribbing on insulation) to the silver colored screw and attach the other conductor to the brass colored screw. Once those have been secured, you can now connect the socket interior to the socket cap. Finally, the socket shell is placed over the socket interior and the light bulb can be screwed in.

Step 5: Attaching Top to Bottom

In this step, the top and bottom pieces will be attached with a hinge, screws, and a clasp. To attach the hinge, you will need six screws as well as a drill. Find the center and place the hinge on with screws. For the clasp, find the center and screw the screw on base as shown in the picture. Then screw in clasp on top. This will keep the lamp secured shut.

Step 6: Parts List

These are the materials used to create the Pyramid Lamp.



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Awesome work Rosa! Very nice choice in color. Voted!!


    2 years ago

    Wow beautiful


    2 years ago

    I like this! It would look really nice with punched metal triangles inserted in the sides of the pyramid to create a lighting design as well. Great work!


    2 years ago

    This is a fun design :) You could add some triangular acrylic pieces too to diffuse the light.