First you need some wood! Once you have a wood to burn I recommend you sanding the wood down before you start as it is much easier to burn


I used a 12 x48 pine shelving from home hardware costing about 15$. Dollarama also has some smaller wood canvases for $4 which is useful for beginners because it burns a lot easier.

I also used throughout this project:
-carbon paper
-Razertip wood burner
- shading tool
-Minwax Polyurethane clear gloss
- watercolour paints

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Step 1: Draw Your Image

You can draw or I use carbon paper bought from staples to hurry the process

Step 2: Start to Burn

I like to start out by burning outline and planning where I’m going to add detail in later I basically only used a Razertip HD30M Heavy Duty Medium Shader Pen throughout this project

Step 3: Details!

After I have it outlined I started by filling in the leaves. I did this by using the HD30M Heavy Duty Medium Shader Pen and with being on highest heat let the pen sit for a few seconds on the board and just repeated that. I then went over everything and shaded in to give dimension

Step 4: Paint

I went in and tried my best not to paint over the burn places and painted a sunset

Step 5: Finished

I then went Over and made the trees darkened the leaves, I also used a windproof lighter to give the grass a dark even burn then I stained with Minwax Clear gloss polyurethane

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    7 weeks ago

    I love the colors you used to paint this!


    7 weeks ago

    This looks like such a fun project! Love the colors you chose!