Introduction: Pyrography

In this tutorial you will learn how to begin to learn how to wood burn. I was lucky enough to get a top of the line wood burner that I used to make the pieces of art in this tutorial. If you still want wood burn but not spend $160 dollars on a burner you can get very cheap ones at your local hobby shop. Please don't forget to vote if you liked my project.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

To begin wood burning you should start gathering the basics. First of you need a wood burner. Then, go to a shop nearby and find wood. Finally get some fine grained sand paper to prepare the wood and to sharpen the tips of you wood burner(they can become dull when you use them).

Step 2: Choosing the Right Wood

Choosing the wood can be tough if you don't know what to look for. When choosing wood you want choose wood with the finest grain you can because it will make your art look smoother. The best type of wood in my opinion is bass wood. It almost has no grain and looks nice when you burn your drawing into it.

Step 3: Drawing Out Line Before Burning

Before you start burning you should draw a sketch of your picture you want to put on the wood so you eliminate some of the chances for error. Make sure you use a dull pencil and NO MECHANICAL PENCILS because they will etch into the wood and the lines can not be erased.

Step 4: Burning

Start by first burning the outline and major details of your picture. When you have finished with that sand down your wood to removed the excess burned and make a stronger line. Finally, go in and burn the finer details.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Have fun burning! Make sure you take your time, and simply enjoy the process.

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    This is great information! You work is so pretty, I love that bird in the top it just looks so alive! I hope we get to see more of your work in the future!